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Today I received one of the survey emails from Blizzard about my World of Warcraft impressions and gaming in general. They’re asking about competition with other games like SWToR and Bioshock, and also about their own products like DotA and Diablo.

I’m honestly impressed that the survey questions were so openly seeking feedback, and that the company was gutsy enough to clearly ask about their competition, and as people to rank them. Draw your own conclusions about the effect of the competition. I ranked all sorts of things I liked and disliked about the game, an the interview app has some sort of funky (meaning irritating) repeat questions that looks to validate the high low choices against each other multiple times. Many times.

It was irritating to click through 13 screens of the same features and hopefully further versions of that survey tool will offer different choices for product features or subscription options. It really felt like the survey was asking between 3 choices on a range of features which were all very similar (lfr vs lfd). Frankly it’s the same feature to me, in terms of “back of the box” features and expectations.

An odd question was how often I am playing, and how many hours. Blizzard know this if they bother to look. They could know what proportion is raiding, and how often I use the AH. The survey is clearly not linked to the back-end, and I’m wondering just how many people will fudge their answers, after all nobody ever lies on surveys.

Interesting overall none the less.

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4 thoughts on “Wow Blizzard Survey

  1. Maybe they are measuring your impression of how much you play against how much you actually do? Just a thought 🙂 Funnily enough I have an email in my inbox right now from SW:TOR asking me to take a short survey to talk about my experience (I recently cancelled my sub).

  2. Thankfully i didn’t lie in the survey, but I didn’t know what to tell them. I didn’t play for almost a month, but then have played about 6-8 hours a week recently. Why did you stop your SW-ToR sub? Done with the game now?

  3. Although it was fun for a while it just didn’t ‘grab’ me the way WoW did when I first started playing. Maybe that’s because I was a massive noob then and I’m a jaded elitist asshat now… but it just feels like the game is lacking in a lot of areas. I’ve rediscovered my enjoyment in playing WoW and I don’t have as much energy for gaming at the moment as I have in the past. WoW won… for now….

  4. no the problem is people share accounts with kids, wives and friends. An account can look like it’s a hard core altahololic that plays 200 hours a week then suddenly a cancellation notice comes in with the reason, “I can’t find people to play with”.

    Monthly subs have got to cause them tons of problems getting accurate data.

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