The dearth of time abounds, please standby

The end of the year is a time when hobbie time seems to evaporate, leaving me frazzled.  This year is no different with work deployments, shopping needs, appointments, training courses, and some such all stopping online gaming from happening.

I’d not be exaggerating to say that I’ve played less than 2 hours in the last two weeks, and about 10 minutes in the last 8 days. In fact yesterday was 5 minutes, which counts the loading screen.

I’m sure that the new year will see far more regular playtime, and a few more posts. For now at least I’m enjoying reading about how much fun the raid team are having – I’ll be blogging about the game again soon.

Happy (free time) holidays.

3 thoughts on “The dearth of time abounds, please standby

  1. I know what you mean. Play time has been tight for me too. It doesn’t help that the SWTOR server is usually full putting me in the queue at 350+. Hope your Holidays are good and that you get in some much needed play time.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that things have settled with SWTOR and there are little to no waits even on the most loaded servers. I’m at a healthy level 24 now with my Smuggler, 1 more to go before I get a speeder. Wahhooo!

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