The new 5 mans in patch 4.3 are very reasonable

I’ve now played each of the new 5 mans in patch 4.3 a few times and they are very reasonable; however the player base and loot mechanics are still problematic.

From a pace and visual style the new instances is excellent. The tasks needed are obvious enough that you get the idea quickly, the mechanics are not difficult to follow, but they need to be addressed properly (interrupts, fire on ground, proximity, special kill orders feature strongly). All in all, good stuff. Worth waiting for, and certainly feature rich in terms of game lore that the characters get to participate in.

However the two same aspects of running randoms remain frustrating, and they are related. Morons and rude mongrels still populate the queues just as frequently as average players. Great players are still rare. I’m an average player overall, and I have a sixth sense in detecting when somebody is a mongrel, which of the handful of runs so far I’ve seen a typical spread of douche-bags.

Yes, we all know you’re pro because cc is for wimps, the tank is too slow, and you have an alt that can do 29,000 dps so the dps doing 17,000 in this group is just slacking. Thanks, no really, you’re special. Kick.

Loot rules also still suck in 5 mans, and given that the random raid finder now has an interesting role based priority, I’d love to see this in 5 mans too. The old pattern stays – the selfish bastard who was rule all the way through the run will still roll Need on the last boss, for an item they have no business needing. It is the way of things till it gets fixed, and that alone drains my enthusiasm enough to make me log in begrudgingly now.

If I wanted to meet ride arrogant mongrels with selfish attitudes and no hygiene – I’d ride the public transport system more. Anyway, happy hunting, and I hop you get a wonderfully disproportionate ratio of wonderful players to average in your 5 man pugs. That, and the fixed loot system is all I want for Christmas.

4 thoughts on “The new 5 mans in patch 4.3 are very reasonable

  1. No joke! I’ve had more than one pretty terrible healer take my alt tank’s tank trinket from the last boss of HoT. Makes me wish I’d kicked them in the beginning when I realized they were terrible. The best part? The dbag responses I get when I politely say I needed that and am the tank after all….

    “Soz noob, tank is my main spec, later kiddo” /leave party before i can respond…

    Um wtf isn’t tank q faster then?! And who you callin a kiddo!!!

  2. At least you get a response before they leave. Had my tank’s boots be needed by a dps who waited until it was certain he’d be the last roller, hit Need, and then dropped immediately. Dreading the day when Peroth’arn finally drops his gavel for my tank and some DPS swipes it and leaves.

    Then again, I’m not all that innocent. Had an interesting group in WoE where we were sort of chatting at a low level. After the end-boss DPS and I both roll need on the helm and trink. Cue some chuckles as he traded the helm over to me, and then I won the trinket and traded it over.

    Overall, though, the dungeons are really much better than the Zandas in entertainment value, variety and the fact that one failure doesn’t wipe your party outright.

  3. I’m impressed you found folk cool enough to trade and switch to suit everyone; maybe there is hope after all.

    Maybe all the dickheads just re-rolled SWTOR?

  4. Oh, no no no. Read the MMO-C post on the nerfing of the Zandas and it’s pretty clear that there are more than enough dicks around. Best guess is that the shorter instances are giving the worst people less time to build up a head of steam, and frustrating the friendlier players less.

    The worst sin of 4.1 was releasing dungeons designed to turn people into misanthropes. Some of that is just rolling back now.

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