Death Knight Tier 13 Armor Set

MMO Champion has datamined the Death Knight Tier 13 base model. Was it worth the wait? (huge version here).

tier 13 death knight armor

Given how long we waited for this – its good. Not fantastic, not game changing, but certainly a good model set. It is hard to know how this will look on the various character models, as that often makes or breaks the sets too. But yup, good stuff. I’ll be after the set for both the dps and model reasons.

A huge thank you to mmo-champion for mining this, its been too long a wait.

Holy golden dragon!

Also seen in the post from mmo-champ is the Chromatic Dragon mount. Now this was worth the wait.

Blood Presence Buff

And lastly the Armor contribution from Blood Presence is getting buffed.

Blood Presence now increases armor contribution from cloth, leather, mail and plate items by 55%. Up from 30%.

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