+100 Need rolls in Raid Finder

The Raid Finder will give Need rolls a +100 modifier if your Role in the instance matches the item. This is excellent. In fact, put that in the LFG system too please.

How do they tell what is a Tank item vs a Dps item?

Well they’d either classify each item which would take ages or they have an algorithm (a previous post about exactly that type of algorithm in April). Its like they’re reading the blog.

3 thoughts on “+100 Need rolls in Raid Finder

  1. Sounds pretty simple.
    When not in Raid Finder I know you can assign your own role – and change it whenever you want.
    Will this functionality be one of the tools only usable by the Raid Leader?
    Will it be used properly?

    In regards to the items, I actually would go with the assigned rather than an algorithm as I’m pretty sure when the items are designed they are designed with a role in mind so not a lot of work (and zero rework required as it doesn’t do old raids).
    So I’d expect quirky results on plate gear with Hit and Expertise, Hit and Mastery or Mastery and Expertise.

  2. I can imagine a simple algorithm that would assign non-proc non-trinket items (and some items with procs and trinkets too); note that I do assume that the list of roles shouldn’t be read literally, e. g. moonkins will not be able to roll on agi leather etc.
    1) Start with the +100 bonus.
    2) Remove the bonus if primary stat is wrong.
    3) For Str gear:
    3.1) Remove the bonus for tanks if it has crit/haste
    3.2) Remove the bonus for DPS if it has dodge/parry
    4) Int gear:
    4.1) Remove bonus for healers if it has hit
    4.2) Remove bonus for mages/locks if it has spirit

    Note that I made a couple of decisions as “haste/crit/mastery gear is good for healers too” but those can be changed without making the algorithm more complex. It solves some trinkets but not all – however, many proc items proc off “heals”, “damaging spells” etc. so those would be easy to assign and the rare items that do not fall to either category can be assigned manually. Having all items assigned manually, in my opinion, just begs for a mistake to be made. Computers are created for simple tasks like this one IMO is.

    (Note: Actually, this is similar to algorithm proposed by TyphoonAndrew but I haven’t read the post before, so I’d say it’s not anything complex or such.)

    Regarding the roles, I would say it will be like the LFD roles: The role is automatically assigned to each character with no possibility to change it except for requeuing.

  3. They have stated that it will not be rolled out to existing instances for the moment, which means that either they’re using a time-consuming manual flagging system or they’re checking out their algorithm to check out how well it’s working. We’ll know when we see what sort of pattern incorrectly flagged items follow, if any.

    Would love to see this as an enhancement to existing Need vs. Greed.

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