New gear, art, strats, and info on Patch 4.3 from MMO Champ

New gear, artwork, strategies and all sorts of lovely information has been data mined by MMO Champion for patch 4.3. There are some nice armor sets for us in Season 11 PvP, although I am reminded of the old Warrior set with the bladed helmet built for head butting Tauren.

dk PvP Season 11 gear set

DK PvP Season 11 gear set

There is also a stack of great new gear. iLevel 378 gear will drop from the 5 man dungeons, and some of it is rather wonderful. Like this Axe for 2H Weapon wielders.

By way of gears lists…wow. this is a nice set of items we can expect to grab. I hope this is not the exhaustive list though – a few extra random item and BoEs will make for a good patch.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378 Axe Melee Two-Hand Axe of the Tauren Chieftains
378 Axe Spell Spirit One-Hand Crescent Moon
378 Bow Melee Ranged Windrunner’s Bow
378 Dagger Melee One-Hand Jagged Edge of Time
378 Mace Melee One-Hand Dragonshrine Scepter
378 Staff Spell DPS Two-Hand Jaina’s Staff
378 Shield Spell DPS Off Hand Ward of Incantations
378 Plate Melee Chest Breastplate of Sorrow
378 Plate Melee Head Crown of Epochs
378 Plate Melee Shoulder Temporal Pauldrons
378 Plate Spell Spirit Legs Time Altered Legguards
378 Plate Spell Spirit Waist Waistguard of Lost Time
378 Plate Tank Chest Breastplate of Tarnished Bronze
378 Plate Tank Feet Chrono Boots
378 Plate Tank Hands Gauntlets of Temporal Interference
378 Plate Tank Legs Bloodhoof Legguards
378 Plate Tank Waist Girdle of Heroes
378 Mail Physical DPS Feet Dead End Boots
378 Mail Spell DPS Legs Twisted Greaves
378 Mail Spell Spirit Head Echoing Headguard
378 Leather Physical DPS Chest Distortion Chestguard
378 Leather Physical DPS Hands Gloves of the Hollow
378 Leather Spell DPS Head Timeway Headgear
378 Leather Spell DPS Waist Cord of Lost Hope
378 Cloth Spell DPS Chest Robes of Fate
378 Cloth Spell DPS Legs Time Traveler’s Leggings
378 Cloth Spell Spirit Chest Whisperwind Robes
378 Cloth Spell Spirit Shoulder Mantle of Time
378 Trinket Trinket Veil of Darkness
378 Trinket Melee Trinket Heart of the Pit Lord
378 Trinket Melee Trinket Rosary of Light
378 Trinket Physical DPS Trinket Arrow of Time
378 Trinket Spell DPS Trinket Light of Lights
378 Back Physical DPS Back Cloak of the Banshee Queen

Frigg’n amazing. Looks like this rabbit has been distracted by the lovely carrot.
Happy bouncing.