Should DPS Death Knights learn to Tank?

Good topic on wow insider a while ago asking if Healing priests should learn shadow, and it has resonance with a DK’s dps role. So I’ll rhetorically ask:

Should DPS Death Knights learn to Tank? And vice versa?

I’d like to give you a balanced and well rounded opinion on this, complete with examples and war stories, but I can’t. The answer is so bloody obvious it makes me wonder how you could have the opposite view – my answer is by hell and damnation they should.

Everyone will play better and understand roles better when they have a wider set of experience. If you have not done it, go try a different role in 5 mans. Do 20 runs in each role, and then see if it changed your attitude.

Disagree? Please tell me why.


3 thoughts on “Should DPS Death Knights learn to Tank?

  1. I believe that all DPS would benefit gaining practice as a tank because tanking is inherently a more complex job than DPSing is. Aside from druids, all of the tanks have a fairly complex optimal rotation, more difficult than several of the major DPS specs. They have to execute that rotation while being a sufficient tank. I feel that my tanking background makes me better when I switch to DPS because I can still maximize my damage output, but I don’t get the tunnel vision that a lot of DPS complain about.

  2. I think there is a difference between “should” and “would be great if they did, but if they don’t wanna, who am I to force them?”. I think with that reasoning you really “should” play all the classes and roles – they all give you a deeper understanding of your own role in the beautiful teamwork that (sometimes) is WoW. But I wouldn’t tell a hunter to go play a rogue or a mage to play a resto shaman, I don’t even think he “should” play a rogue/resto shaman – but yeah, it would be damn nice if people did.

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