My class of Choice

Back in 2008 I wrote a post about My class of Choice. At the time I was an alt-a-holic, with 3 characters who were regularly played in Warcraft, and many more who were used as profession mules.

Fast forward to now and my warcraft time is as different as my life is, then from now. The Paladin, Warlock, and Druid has been replaced by Mortigen, the Death Knight. Wrath saw this class released upon the game, and I’ve never looked back.

The Death Knight was my first character to level 85, and the first I wanted to take to raids. I also now have a Hunter and Druid at 85, and the Paladin, Warlock, and Priest are stuck at 80, with a shamble of Shamans and others throughout the 30s to 70s. In 2008 I said I’d not ever have a Hunter and now its 85 – the game changes you.

Lifestyle wise in 2008 I was living in another city, where my partner (now wife) was regularly working away from home or doing long hours. This facilitated a huge amount of time where i could do as I pleased. The Alts came out in force, and the content was getting smashed left and right.

It is funny to ponder how wow and life changes. Happy Killing.


5 thoughts on “My class of Choice

  1. As a DK main myself, I am wondering, what made you stop your Paladin, and take up (and keep) Death knight-..ehm… -‘ing.
    Several other Death Knights I know have done the exact opposite; changed their Death knight out for a Paladin.
    – This was for tanking mainly, though.

  2. I prefer the dps style of the DK, and used to prefer the Pally Tank style. I probably still would like it a lot. I guess the real limit was time, where I spend most of my time concentrating on one character now. If I had the time I would level and play the Paladin too. They are a great Tank class. No question.

  3. The game may change us, but I think far more importantly we change, then our perception of the game changes. I know when I had more free time (read: was younger), I loved raiding and healing. Now, being older, having problems finding a job (well documented on my blog), and dealing with home and yard ownership, I find that I just don’t have the time or will to put myself under so much pressure.

    It brings to mind the question about WoW’s inherent design, which is clearly free-time oriented (at least at higher levels). They certainly have made adjustments to help the older, busier folks (weekly dungeons x7 instead of daily dungeons, for example). When will raids become more tmie friendly? I’m not saying easier, but simply easier to jump into and out of for people with little time to spare.

    Nice post!

  4. That makes total sense, and you’re right – I’ve changed more than the game overall. If a game dev finds a way to have less time intensive gameplay that is as satisfying as raiding, they’ll crate a new game and probably do very well. My suss is that raiding takes the time it does, and that is just the evil that it is.

  5. Even typing a comment about my Pally made me miss the Karazhan days on Tanking. I might have to reload him sometime soon. That would mean I’d be leveling a Warrior tank and Paladin tank through the 80s at the same time. Sheesh.
    My DK and Bear might not get played much if that happened.

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