LFD Quirks

I’ve noticed that the first group I get in LFD is typically a fresh run where everyone starts from the start. If for some reason somebody does not accept, then the next group will almost always be a mid-way through run of some form. Sometimes its early, other times is at a hard boss.

I have no idea if this is by design, and I think its good. But is it just me – does anyone know if this happens for Dps, or just Tanks, or if its just a strange consistency in recent randoms?

If its planned you’re typically going to wait for a group, it is sometimes better to get into a part way group so that the wait time (for the guys that wait) is overall the same from queue to completion.

A counter though is that joining a group that has issues might have you joining a group of terrible players, rather than replacing a terrible player. I guess there would be no pattern to that.

3 thoughts on “LFD Quirks

  1. As a DPS, yes, this has happened. I recall several times my Nelf has entered dungeons already in progress or at the last boss. This was sometime back since I’ve “retired” him, so perhaps it is part of the LFD process.

  2. I believe its that if you search for a random dungeon, it will almost always put you into a partway done dungeon, but if you choose a specific dungeon, it will put you into a fresh group.

  3. I think it was just chance, as last night I go a partial group (2 bosses left) on the first go. 10 minutes later we were finished, which was good as I only wanted the Valor points.

    Makes my post a tad redundant, but hey, I’d still love to understand the logic better.

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