Green ProtoDrake, no Oracle grind for me

Ok, this is a quick bragging post. The Tank rewards gave me the Green Proto-Drake mount. I’m stoked. This means that I’ll never grind out that bloody Oracle daily quest rep, or feel compelled to thump my head against those eggs that all my mount-hunting mates seem to loathe.

Happy dance.

green drake from wowhead

3 thoughts on “Green ProtoDrake, no Oracle grind for me

  1. Yay! Grats! That’s awesome 🙂 RL is keeping me so busy lately I haven’t found much time for WoW 😦

  2. Pfft – cmon Jez – not like all the stuff you’ve been up to lately is life changing…*cough*. When you get back hit me up for a 5 man or something, or just a rant. 🙂

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