Tanking for Money

This is a simple one – When you tank in LFD you get around 80g extra, some points that you may not need (so convert to BoE gear) and the chance at a pet. I’ve been selling the pets for a reasonable amount of cash, and making some ok gold.Thus far a few more common Alliance pets (30-50g), a few rares (1000+g), and two Horde pets that hopefully sell for a reasonable amount (3-5k each?).

So the daily grind is not so bad in tank land. It is not a 1000-2000g per hour strategy, but being paid a little extra to suffer through the LFD is good. Pity the lowbie tanks don’t also get the reward – my mid 70s Warrior could use some extra cash too.

Happy Killing.

3 thoughts on “Tanking for Money

  1. Shows how much attention I pay…..must get my pally into more LFD groups….but I am scared of the rude people…but you said pets??, I can get pets??? Pets > or < fear??

  2. Yup Pets. And you get a few of them too.
    I sold a Horde pet recently for 6k gold, an odd Alliance one for around 500g, the typical easy pets for 25-60g each, and I’ve even got the Green Proto-drake mount from one bag.

    That was the only reason I ever saw to do the Oracle daily quests in Northrend – and now I’ll never have to.

  3. Yeah I only did the Oracles quests for the mount then once I to it I stopped…Like the Brun quests that give you the mount as well…..once you get it – you just never ever want to do them again.

    I can’t believe we are still having a tank shortage that they have to bribe us !! Who am I to complain really though?


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