Farming the AH for raid gear

Here is a quick summary of the upgrades I’ve got for Mortigen, my Frost Death Knight in the last 2-3 weeks. Note that all so far are via the AH or Hyjal quests – and I’m now running with 4x items that are either Best in Slot, or well placed to be BiS in combination with other gear.

Why do I raise this? Well my gearing plan now is to make a huge boat load of gold on the AH and buy my way to decent raid gear. I can’t raid regularly at the moment, but I’ll be damned if I’ll not be taken later in the raids when my schedule gets better due to poor gear (meaning still wearing ilevel 359 items in most places). So now starts a sell-up of all the mats I’ve stockpiled over the expansion, to be converted into trade goods and items which will sell. In raw value I think I have at least 10k worth of mats banked, which I hope to convert into well over 30-40k. We’ll see.

  • Cloak: The Hyjal reward is BiS and healthy. A darn good start, and such a great bump.
  • Wrist: purchased valor based wrist, so another upgrade to wrist slot is far lower priority now. yes, it was a bit of a waste to buy this so early, as the prices are going to drop significantly in the next month…but I wanted it.
  • Trinket 1: I just purchased an Apparatus of Khaz’goroth (AoK), which makes most of the other Dps trinkets a much smaller upgrade (ie. from Ragnaros). See ranking table from the EJ guys.
  • Trinket 2: The Crushing Weight is is still apparently darn good, and given how much Expertise is dumps, I agree.

Trinkets for Dual Wield Frost DKs are a funny thing. The License to Slay ranks very high on that table, but then its main stat offering (Hit Rating) is something that I have a stack of due to the main hand weapons also having Hit. I’ll have to consider grabbing a License at some point, but well after the other gear slots are up to spec.

The AoK is very nice, although it is said that it is far worse for a DK using Unholy, as they do not get enough Critical Strikes fast enough to actually acquire 5 stacks of the power. That makes sense, and means that I’ll probably stay Frost unless a fantastic 2 handed weapon somehow gets within my grasp. I can’t see it happening any time soon. I did some preliminary testing to see if I’d wasted a lot of gold, but it had a slight dps increase on a dummy, so I hope that will translate to a more powerful increase when I’m raid buffed and killing things “for real”.

I also can’t see myself getting any of the Heroic versions of the trinkets either (or any other gear come to think of it), although I might get lucky and get a Firestone to upgrade an item I have much later at some point. I think I’d upgrade the AoK, as the Heroic version is really nice too. People are challenging the item as the potential affect cannot be fully utilised all the time, but the Str buff alone is very healthy and if macro’ed in to a strike then you’ll always use it when its off cooldown.

Yes, now I’m much poorer than a few weeks ago (spent approx 34k so far), but if my enchants sell then i could be picking up another BoE upgrade within a week or two.

I might even sell the Orb of Deception and Haunted Memento that I’ve had for ages too; the sale value of both has not changed hardly at all, despite being somewhat rare.