SW ToR – No Australian Pre-Order

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Why on earth would Australia not have a pre-order capacity?

Maybe because we’re a tiny population, maybe they’ll have no AU servers, distribution rights are complex, or maybe it is just because there is limited coppies…of a digital product. Even the digital version has:

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is not available in your region

What a total buzz-kill and fail, and some other aussies agree and are already taking it to the forums. Not the best sign of Aussie support or compassion. This cartoon from the forums says it all, thank you Static52.

There is a thread from Bioware on the discussion too,

To all of our fans outside of North America and Europe:

Today we’ve announced the pre-order details for the initial launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and as you may now know, we’ve taken the difficult but necessary decision to limit our initial launch supply for the game. BioWare and LucasArts are completely focused on building an exceptional game and an exceptional game service to go with it. We decided to constrain our launch capacity to ensure we deliver a great experience to every player.

Part of the reason this decision was made was because of the overwhelming demand for The Old Republic, and we’re humbled by that level of excitement and anticipation. We fully intend to deliver to you an amazing game when we expand our service post-launch, but right now we cannot commit to any timeframe for when that may happen. As soon as we have more information about additional launches in more territories, we’ll let you know.

We are committed to delivering Star Wars: The Old Republic to BioWare and Star Wars fans around the world, and to growing a truly global community.

They’re not humble, that is marketing speak for “opps, we’ll fix soon”. Guess I’ll just keep playing World of Warcraft. Grumble.


11 thoughts on “SW ToR – No Australian Pre-Order

  1. It’s disgraceful that a company of their size is incapable of a world wide release. The rumour is that Australia won’t see SWOTOR until sometime in 2012. They are basically saying “Only North America and Europe actually matter to us, once they are happy we might release it to other countries”

  2. Perhaps they thought ” ‘Austria’, ‘Australia’, same place, must be a typo”.
    Or more likely as Ram suggests, they just wouldnt make enough profit from releasing here, and reallly dont give a flying-rats-bum.

  3. i think what frustrates me most is that there is no actual way to get through to them that we are pretty pissed about the decision. They never reply in forum posts and any other form of contact goes unanswered. Just feels as if we’re being treated like a joke and we have no way to correct it, just have to sit back and take it….. pretty disappointed..

  4. Yeah hubby and I were really disappointed that we can’t get it…we have been so excited and following the forums and newsletters etc….its why we came back to wow actually because at least we know we can get into that 😦

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