2 thoughts on “implications of a blog list clean-out

  1. Actually, according to the most recent update given to investors by Activision-Blizzard last week, WoW active subscriptions have increased by 100k to 11.5m.

    But I have noticed a lot of the long-time bloggers slowing down a lot. Maybe it’s just an indication that the more dedicated players are being replaced by more casual players.

  2. That might be the marketing spin, but I’d bet that includes the “F2P” people, and across all the regions. When you think about it if the US servers had not declined then the overall figures should be much higher when you add up all the regions (US, UK, CH, TW, KO).

    My suss is that they have maintained the account base by adding regions, which is fine (actually darn good) for a game of this age.

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