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There are many posts about getting BiS, or Best in Slot. For Raiders the meaning of BiS is blindingly obvious, and frankly that is good – that is what you would expect.

The reason I think this topic needs a blog post is that I see a lot of material about people becoming ignorant of what their gearing options are. A lot. Poor forum posts, misplaced gearing, poor selection of item combination, melee characters with no Hit Rating at all, etc.

Its nutty out there at the moment, and in particular I’ve seen a player using a BiS item (until the 4.2 patch), but having a set of final combat stats that is borderline useless. This guy did almost trivial amount of damage in a run, and had some really nice items. This post is for that guy.

So what does it mean? In simple terms these are the items that are the optimal choice in some manner for the spec and class. Grab them, they’re good.

Why is following BiS only flawed?

  • Some resources will give a BiS list, as a full gear set; meaning the BiS items when used in combination, to reach the thresholds.
  • Some resources will give the raw individual item score based upon stat weightings ignoring the set it is used with (a true BiS).
  • Some will just list a full gear set without thinking about how they combine.

PSN: You can gear a character to be highly competitive without having BiS items. And you should ignore a BiS recommendation if you don’t also understand why and how the BiS recommendation is being made.

Why? Your character is optimal when certain thresholds (which are different for every class/spec) are reached, and then stat ratios are maintained based upon their weighting. Hit Rating is very common, Expertise is common too.

Understanding the why those thresholds need to be reached, what a stat priority means, and what the difference is between a BiS item in balanced terms vs another item is critical to performing well.

How do I know? Because I used to make the same mistake.

How do you fix it? Research your class, stat weightings, combat stat thresholds, BiS. Start with Elitist Jerks, and work your way around the web.

Consider this a public service announcement.

Happy killing – TyphoonAndrew

7 thoughts on “PSN: Best in Slot BS

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve had BiS items that have had to sit in my bags because the stats didn’t mesh well with the rest of my gear. There is no point having an item with more strength if you are missing too often due to low hit or expertise. Balancing your stats is critical.

  2. You’d have cringed if you saw the gearing on a Paladin a few weeks back when I drafted this. After looking for a while I was half expecting him to try bandaging the Tank.

  3. I think the notion of BiS has a lot to answer for. With the addition of reforging, min-maxing your character becomes even more about understanding at which point what combination of stats is going to do the most for you. If anyone asks me if any item is ‘BiS’ I usually respond with ‘it depends’. I mean for hunters haste is definitely one of our more complex stats so to me understanding where I’m sitting in relation to haste hard and soft caps seems more important than saying ‘this one item is BiS and I shall ignore every other item in my quest for it’. Of course there are still items that have a secondary stat set that is more favourable to your class/spec – like Sp, haste, mastery vs. Sp, crit, mastery for a resto druid.

    As far expertise and hit for melee – melee dps don’t really need to worry about such things any more I thought since interrupts can’t miss now?

  4. Melee certainly do still need to worry about it – with latency on this side of the world, coupled with the higher chance of special attacks missing, if you’re not at least ‘trying’ to get the the hit/exp cap, you’re going to be wasting resources trying to reapply constantly. Pre-4.2, everyone was saying to ignore it, but I found it a dps loss. Post 4.2, everyone recommends going for it first, if not at least balancing it with other stats.

  5. Melee dps generally still need the 8% hit and 26 expertise, but there is some wiggle room in the stats. Thankfully the days of 16-18% hit are dead.

    I go with the rule: If you can’t be exactly on these limits then slightly less is better than any amount of overage. Over is wasted, but the reason you’re slightly under might be more compelling that the amount you miss by. But then that rule breaks for some classes too.

    As an example Frost DKs favour hit at 8% as a solid requirement, but a touch less expertise is ok if the stats you’re using instead are increasing your mastery or haste. eg. 25.5 expertise is so close that its very tempting not to get the last little bit.

    And my current dps stats has me slightly over on both, as the reforging is altogether painful, and I don’t reforge unless the change will create a noticable dps increase.

  6. I did wonder about how not worrying about hit/exp would affect specials, good to know that it’s still an important consideration.

    Reforging is annoying for sure but I find the wow reforge site a really good resource for this. Esp since math ain’t my thing!

  7. For DW warriors/rogues hit used to be important for OH white damage (and poison application)as well as the effective crit cap as a result.
    I haven’t been keeping up with all the changes so this may no longer be the case.

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