Rage of the Firelands Trailer is very nice

Now this is how you make a patch trailer. Nice affects, uses mostly in-game animation, and a classic “oh noes, the darkness, but lets face it together”. Its very nice and shows:

  • a hero we like,
  • our characters in play,
  • the monsters we’ll be killing,
  • the story arc,
  • and a sense that you can make a difference.

Awesome. Happy burning.


2 thoughts on “Rage of the Firelands Trailer is very nice

  1. Very nice. Gets me more excited about Firelands than I have been to date. Also makes me wish for the 4 millionth time that I’d rolled horde 😛

  2. I’m thinking that an odd Horde toon might be very handy when the Battle.net cross realm, but not Cross-faction is released. I might be able to play with some mates who have all rolled away to Horde.

    I do get confused though; the flightpaths and cities are all so different. Even the AH smells different (is that Orc poop?).

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