Rage of the Firelands Trailer is very nice

Now this is how you make a patch trailer. Nice affects, uses mostly in-game animation, and a classic “oh noes, the darkness, but lets face it together”. Its very nice and shows:

  • a hero we like,
  • our characters in play,
  • the monsters we’ll be killing,
  • the story arc,
  • and a sense that you can make a difference.

Awesome. Happy burning.

A set of well timed achievements

Its has been a whirlwind of activity, and a huge week or so in WoW news for me.

  • the Guild (Insidious on Nagrand US) has cleared all the normal content again, this time in a single raid lockout. Its a further step in the locking down of our capacity and speaks volumes of positive nouns on our approach. In short: we set out to do what we planned, and have proved it was no fluke.
  • I was able to join some of the kills which completed the “Defender of a Shattered World” achievement; which grants the groovy title. Nothing like a title to make you feel you’ve actually done something significant. The DK is filling out well now.
  • Also snapped up the 25 Exalted reputations on the Death Knight as well. For characters who have been around since the origin this is an easy one, but it has taken a long time to get on my DK, mainly as I don’t farm rep very well – I’m impatient.
  • Lastly I’ve decided to Tank a bit more. I still hate the design of the Cata instances, and have not “enjoyed” tanking since Wrath. So I’m starting slowly with easier stuff, and to mix and match the classes I play with in order to get a bredth of exposure to the instances. As needed (or where no other choice exists) I’ll switch to Blood spec and belt things with a two handed mace. Pitty the fool who pulls aggro from me without a good reason – as that silly bastard will die…”oh, the Taunt must have been on cool-down.”…

In non-Death Knight news…

  • My baby Warrior is now level 70, which means I can run the Wrath dungeons. I’m really excited about WotLK zones and instances, and I might just level through instances for a while so I can re-play those dungeons. I particularly like Utguard Keep; as it really feels well designed, and flavoursome.
  • My alt Shaman is getting closer to level 50, which is needed to progress the professions. I don’t think I’ll level it past that in any hurry, but it would be nice to grab the next set of glyphs and gems. Shaman as Enhance feels like a hodge-podge of two playstyles, and I’m not sure it makes sense. Being limited in cooldown abilities is frustrating after playing a Death Knight, where as a DK it is the choice of which you do – not so much only having 3 options and then waiting for them to refresh. Admitidly it is probably a very different class to play at level 80-85, and being level 43 is not a fair perspective.
  • My Druid is 83 now, and still killing everyting in sight with a frenzy of laser-pew-pew Boomkin energy. Boomkin is such a flexible playstyle, and the Druid offers some very nice back-up options should I pull too many mobs (never happens), pick a fight I can’t win (nope, never), or just pull aggro in an instance (c’mon, Warlocks do it so it must be ok).

Happy Killing folks.