Reward the rare in Random Dungeons?

Blizzard has announced a new scheme which will reward the rare types of role in the queue with rewards. If you are the role that is most needed – you’ll have extra cash, pets, mounts, all the good stuff. But it feels like a solution looking for a problem.

It will be worth tanking – but only slightly more. Not significantly more, and as the reward is not gained for guild groups – so we’re actually discouraging friends from playing together. Why? It should at least allow 2 people to sign-up together, and 3 would be better. Would it matter if 3 guildies took 2 stranges with them on a run? Wouldn’t that speed the rewards a little too?

It won’t fix the fact that dps rolls on my Tank gear, and vice versa.

It won’t stop any role gear going to the wrong roles at all, which is what pisses me off the most. Almost every dungeon the loot from the last roll will be a series of Need rolls. Why? Because there is no recourse to stop them doing it.

It won’t stop people being rude, or kicking without reason.

It won’t stop the time wasters, the AFK’ers, and the gogogo-moron-boys.

It won’t stop Loot Fever. Except it could be easily stopped, as we have had roles for a long time, and its just lazy to think that we can code specially for Orbs, or for some mounts, but can’t figure out that gear with Dodge is a Tank item. Total bullshit.

I really hope my friends and guild are happy to keep doing runs, and I’d rather run with them than get a new mount. I’d rather walk.

Happy killing….end rant.

4 thoughts on “Reward the rare in Random Dungeons?

  1. I agree that this change does little to solve the issues that can make tanking in LFD a frustrating experience. Until that is changed, the only way to get an increase in tank supply will be via *large* incentives.

    That said, I don’t agree that this change is a solution looking for a problem. One of the basic rules of games like Wow is that players respond to incentives. If better gear can be acquired via a boring grind, many players will (and did, via archaeology). The issue, though, is that these incentives are so weak. The announced goodie bag is unlikely to cover half my costs from a single night of raiding. Furthermore, I suspect that gold/mounts/pets can be accumulated faster via other means than by tanking random heroics.

    The tank shortage is a fairly large problem that, I feel, Blizzard should feel some urgency in addressing. I think the biggest problem with this change is how small and inconsequential it is. When a creative solution was needed, all we got was a little gold and a chance at some fluff. Hopefully something bigger is in the works.

  2. What is frustrating is that we have seen the same “goodie bag” approach – when the Nexus instance was basically a no show, they added the bag an a incentive. Would have been better to acknowledge that it is not working and change the run.

    A different solution is needed, and I have no idea what that could be. I guess this is why we have a goodie bag again.

  3. Ironyca had mentioned the change to H Oculus, too, and I think it’s worth reflecting on. Did adding the goody bag increase dungeon completion rates? I honestly have no idea. Blizzard probably does, but they aren’t telling.

    If the H Oc change produced significant improvements, maybe that’s an indication that I don’t understand what motivates other players as well as I think I do. That said, I think the problem with H Oc was that it was universally reviled. The problem with LFD queue times, however, is that LFD is disproportionately loathed by tanks. It will be interesting to see if this change produces the kinds of results that Blizzard wants.

  4. I know the goodie bag made me run it more, as I wanted the mount. But I almost never ran it without guildmates to make the run smooth, so having a Tank who must sign-up without at least a few mates is kind of thin. Make it a max of one other player with the tank and you might at least get a useful combo in the run.

    A good Tank+Anything can make a bad run into a great run. And if its poor you at least get to share the experience with somebody.

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