DK CC utility not addressed in p4.1

The lack of CC for feral Druids, Death knights, and Fury Warriors is known – and I’m a keen supporter of adding some sort of CC utility to these classes. Lichbourne on WoW Insider reported today that we’re seeing a fix in a roundabout way, in patch 4.1 a change to the dungeon finder which will stop these classes being combined in random groups.

The random dungeon finder will now attempt to put DPSers of the same armor class in separate groups. This means that in theory, nevermore shall a fury warrior and an unholy death knight end up in the same random dungeon run. Sure, you may get a feral cat and an unholy death knight, but the cat has Hibernate, and in theory, your third DPSer will be someone like a shaman or a mage, who actually does have crowd control options that work on most stuff you’ll come across in your average heroic dungeon.

Source: Lichborne: Blizzard tackles death knight DPS utility in patch 4.1

That is total rubbish in terms of a change to assist with intelligent selection of a 5 man group. For randoms it might make it slightly better, but for all other groups its unchanged. So we have a change here that helps to take part of the symptom away; not address the core problem.

  • What will this do to the queue times for these classes?
  • How it is anticipated this would help non-random groups, like Guild runs?
  • Why is adding a small form of CC to these classes so wrong?

This is however a good idea anyway, and a nice change to the random group engine that I think is ok. It would be just as poor to see three clothy dps and a clothie healer in a random group too.

Gone will be the days of getting a group at level 61 that contains four death knights and a druid. For those runs the CC was just the prudent and over use of Deathgrip between the DKs, until the mobs became so dizzy they just threw-up on the floor rather than fight. Fun times, great memories.

I hope the CC aspect of the game continues to be thought about, and we see a further change of some sort along the way.

As a suggestion how about an affect called Ice Tomb?

  • Affect: Encases the targeted creature in a solid tomb of ice which melts. Damaging the tomb decreases the duration of the tomb.
  • Duration: 30 seconds, 1 minute with a glyph.
  • Cooldown: One use per combat would be better than nothing, but once per 10 minutes would also be fine so that it is not usable in arena.

Happy killing everyone.