A rare Monday

Blackwing Descent loading screen

It is a rare Monday night when I can get home on time, cook diner, eat it without an inhaler, and then login. So with only a slight delay (which I apologise to my guildies for) I was not only well fed, but also logging into Warcraft.

All the folks were already on their way to the raid, so I trundled along and found my way to the instance through a little guesswork and some luck, and we got rolling. There were many pulls, some pulling of legs, and not just one but many inappropriate and darn entertaining comments through Vent. As the night progressed I got the hunch that as a collective we were a little off our game, but for me I was just happy to be inside the instance actually doing something – so I did not care in the slightest.

It was also a night playing again on my Death Knight rather than the Hunter which I’ve been leveling to raid with. It is an ironic twist of fate that all the while we’ve been trying to get players, now my DK is a viable raid toon again, with only a standard amount of competition for raid role-slot. I just laughed and said yes … the DK was always where the fun is. How could somebody not love charging into death wearing boiler plate and a grim smile? I love the fact that DKs have no threat wipe, it speaks plainly to how they are meant to be played: up front and at full speed. Mortigen is back baby!

Last night was a reminder of why I play. The rewards (see below) were nice, but the sensation of playing in a raid again was the real buzz. I think I’m still buzzing.

It was a good night.

Ps, a nights work came to:

  • Purchasing the Baradin’s Wardens Tabard, to save flying around and a nice free port back to Stormwind if I need one. I like the rep tabards which have a function, and think they have utility well beyond the actual purpose. That is why I have a Dalaran teleport ring and the Argent Tournament tabard.
  • 1000 Daily Quests, because I’ve been slack and now only doing dailies that give something useful.
  • Let’s Do Lunch, not that I cared, but hey – it’s a free ding.
  • Treads of Savage Beatings, for feet slot; which were a very nice upgrade on the quest boots I was wearing.
  • Darkmooncard: Hurricane – this puppy cost me a small fortune, but I can’t really see myself getting a good trinket for a very long time, so I’m justifying it by saying it is an investment in good performance until then. It replaced a much lower level trinket, and still leaves me with a quest reward in the other trinket slot.

Now I plan to revisit the Baradin Hold boss and see if I can notice an increase is dps from the two upgrades. I might also re-start my gold generation hobby, so that I can snaffle some extra BoE gear without being bankrupt.

Happy killing.