PPI’s wisdom wins

A quick snippet from a blogger I enjoy:

History is Written by the Whiners – Pink Pigtail Inn.

Consider this an total endorsement for all the passion that PPI brings to the Internet. Go read.


7 thoughts on “PPI’s wisdom wins

  1. Wow. Just – wow. I could have written that myself if I had a time teleporter to move me two months into the future (about the leaving guild stuff, not the performance stuff – of course :P). Interesting food for thought.

  2. Awesome post from Larisa. So very true. I actually wanted to comment on your path of calm post though but the comments form seems to be in hiding :/

  3. History is Written by the Whiners…? Did I really write that? I don’t think I can take credit for that line, even though it’s pretty good.

    Anyway: thank you very much for the love! And best of luck with your guild endavours considering your recent post. You seem to have gone through a rough time, but you have the heart in the right place and your sanity under control, so it seems to me as if you’ll be just fine. ❤

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