Google results are a tad stale sometimes

The search for a Warcraft Blog turns up with some known names, but their content is old and not regularly updated.

e.g. Search for “Warcraft blog”

I’d rate that over 1000 easily findable blogs should be above blogs that are infrequently updated or been retired. Top three have stopped posting a long while back.

That Google Search algorithm is something that evolves, and I don’t think it is walking on two legs just yet. I love Google products, but that search is so basic, it should be far better, such as including a measure of the date of the most recent posts as a highly regarded component of the ranking.


3 thoughts on “Google results are a tad stale sometimes

  1. Hm… Wonder if those three blogs were cleaver in meta-tagging etc for getting better Google ranking? I never cared about those things.
    But if course we should feel a tad insulted for not appearing anywhere near the top. Noob Google. 😉

    Btw I tried mage blog, WoW blog and gnome blog as search terms as well. No difference. I’m a srub.

  2. Hehe, I think the Pink Pigtail Inn is far easier to find that this corner of the web – about the only way folks find me is by looking for Typhoon information. 🙂

    I’d believe that the ranking is tuned and if we spent the time we could climb a bit, but from my experience in search professionally: this stuff takes a significant budget and time investment to pull off well.

    Maybe a summer project next year…

  3. It’s easier to find what you are looking for when you search by talent spec. Google directs 50% of my blog traffic to me with key words specific to the class I write about (with “warcraft” probably not ever showing up as a key word).

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