Ranting about Internet connections

Today’s post is a re-write of an apology to my raid team mates, about having connection issues. I hate connection issues, and hate more when a tech support staffer can’t offer anything overly constructive unless lead by the nose.

It just makes me say Arrrrrrrggg!

After having to say sorry to the guys in last night’s Starcaller raid for my dismal connection and all the issues around it, I’m a tad miffed about Internet instability, and what batter place to rant than on the internet.

ISP gave me the standard “have you replaced your line filter recently?” and “could be related to the rain, or lack of rain” which is frankly just poor.

They did give me some specific information on how I can further self diagnose my connection using a series of logs that they sent over, and if I had questions I could call back.

Since connected I’ve had a line drop about 1/26 days, but since 1 Nov that has jumped to 3-5/day, with most of the issues between 8pm and 11pm. Sounds more like a connection tollerance issue.

No hardware or physical changes happened in the house, but the ISP did change my connection tollerance to reduce latency arond 1 Nov, but seems to have also increased the line dropout, especially in the late evening.

Then I did some further digging and found that other users who have moved to a “reduced latency” connection also have connection issues…which is something that you’d think a tech support staffer would understand.

So now I’m back on the “standard and stable” style connection (which required a further disconnect), and hopefully the connection goes back to being a drop every 25 days or so.

TLDR = If you are a ADSL2 user your ISP may give you an option to select between a range of connetion profiles. Stick to the “reliable” in my opinion, unless you have a period where you don’t care about drop-out to test during a latency intollerant activity, like online gaming.

Happy ranting and killing.

2 thoughts on “Ranting about Internet connections

  1. I had reliability issues recently, and the root cause turned out to be something quite unexpected. The plug that converts from RJ11 to Telstra-wall had corrosion on it. I scratched it all off, and the reliability instantly improved. Replaced with a new one the next day.

    Some moisture must have got in there.

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