Tekkub is the man, for mods.

Tekkub makes great mods, and they are worth a look, even just to read the dev notes:  http://tekkub.net/

  • At the start of TekKrush, “And so it begins”
  • For TekLoot french version, “SAY IT FRENCHIE! SAY CHOWDAH!”
  • Random note, “Up, down, what do we care?”
  • Again in TekLoot Russian localisation, “In soviet russia addon localizes you!”

Seriously though, go take a look. Darn good stuff for anyone who likes a mod.


2 thoughts on “Tekkub is the man, for mods.

  1. Hey Anndrew!

    I have a DK that is both Blood Tank and Unholy DPS. Ive been trying to find a way to track my pet’s debuff using power auras. Any suggestions?

  2. I have not found one yet, but I guess DotTimer would be a good start. I use that for all my dot except the Diseases. I expect that one of the mods like RuneWatch will eventually be updated to handle it.

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