Armory iphone update is pretty shmick

Holy crap, the most recent update for the Armory which came out a week ago is a great update in functions, and highly worth it.

The highlights are:

  • 3d viewer,
  • app seems to run faster,
  • activity feed,
  • improved character summary page.

The stand out for me is the improved summary screen for your character, and the 3d character viewer. Both are great and really make the Armory app seem more and more like something you need, rather than something to play with. Now this entire app might be a silly toy, and it might actually add no value to my game-play, but it seriously rocks. For anyone who is a fan boy of wow this is eye candy of the finest quality.

One thought I had was a feature they should add is a list of the patterns for each profession your character has, so I can look for specific patterns for mates. That plus the coming of the guild chat, means we can actually add some value to our fellow players who not logged in.