Scifi CoilGun is concerning

A very scary video of a magnetic gun, or Coil gun, via the typical Interwebs; the folsk at Gizmodo.

Holy hell:

Coilguns fire projectiles by swapping the explosive force of gunpowder for magnetic force, which is applied via one or more electromagnetic coils along the gun’s barrel. Youtube user Larsplatoon says that he made the coilgun in the video above over the course of two years, and that it has a maximum output of 1.25 kJ. MAKE calculates that this would mean it fires its projectiles with more force than a .45 handgun, and is rightly skeptical; still, it’s quite an impressive feat of homemade handiwork.

If you just want to watch it blast things, skip on ahead to the 2:25 mark.

I am scared by this is a very real way. The idea that it is possible is exciting from a geek-tech perspective. The idea that a weapon could be made to fire solid slugs at 50% speed of a normal handgun is bloody disasterous.

Unsafe, terrible, and especially dangerous if miss-used. Then again at age 13 I was building crossbows and other weaponry, so I guess this is just the next generation of nerd. There is also a huge amount of reserach, backyard tomfoolery, and images around; these toys are not new.

Now I want one. 😦

How to (not) raise your Weapon Skill

Quick note, as one of the most popular posts I’ve made is about how to raise your weapon skill, Google searchers should not that in Cataclysm the concept of a weapon skill will be removed from the game. Having spent a long time swinging at low mobs, I really like that I don’t have to micromanage a set of skills. It is a good change.

So I’d say if you’ve not got that feat of Strength achievement, then get it now.

And if you have no interest in the achievement, then don’t burn the time raising the skill – as you won’t have to. Go read a book, grind for that rare drop, or farm gold and send it to me.

Happy killing.