Thor trailer is solid fun


Thor - A Paladin if ever there was one

The Thor trailer is doing the rounds, and like a sci-fi nut I am excited to see this one. I mean its Thor, what is not to love.

God technology, lightning effects, Avengers movie threads…its like a coming of age for geek-sci-fi movies. That said, I am concerned with the story and overall production being less than wonderful, but am delighted to see these types of films being made.

Watch for the Destroyer at the end.

New trailer posted 11 Dec.


1 thought on “Thor trailer is solid fun

  1. Keep in mind this is an early release trailer put together for SDCC and not for general release which is why it’s been pulled from most sites and I’m sure S&Ds have been sent to the admins of those sites where it is still viewable.
    From the less than 5 mins of footage the quality looks to be in the Ironman ball park so it should prove to be good popcorn fun.

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