PuG Warlock advice on Threat


Would you take advice from this Warlock?

If a tank pulls, starts with an low AoE ability on all mobs (like Blood Boil) then how can a Warlock pull threat without casting a spell? I though it would take at least a damage spell to pull threat, and waiting is a zero threat ability.

Or should all pulls in a standard 5 man be high threat AoE? What about doing multi-pack pulls?

In a 5 man should the dps wait for threat, or just go?

Ardana from Calestraz suggested that I did not “have threat” when I used Blood Boil while running through one pack, then planted a DnD on the second pack.  It seems to me that the Warlock did not wait for threat to be well established.

Even when they had aggro and I taunted, the Warlock and the other dps just kept on killing.

Warlock might have been right that I did not initiate a high threat cycle to allow him to dps straight away… I’d add to that and say that while the pull might have been less than ideal for a small pack, the concept of watching, thinking, and acting accordingly is beyond most 5 man players.

TL;DR = I hate pugs.

Image is darn impressive – from The Dark Side collection by Steve Augulis. Creepy, impressive, and darn near as good photography plus photoshop effects as I’ve seen in a long while; mostly done to himself.

7 thoughts on “PuG Warlock advice on Threat

  1. I might make a macro with a default response to “5 man impromptu feedback”.

    Something like – “Your comment is noted, and it adds to the delicate and complex tapestry of feedback that I have to put up with to get a few Frost badges.”

  2. Blizzard talked about bringing back cc *gasp* in Cataclysm. I haven’t seen much in regards to the 5 mans to see if this is actually true.

    That will truely make pugging a horrible experience.
    I can see it now:
    Tank to hunter, “trap star please”
    Hunter to tank, “lol wut?”

  3. Although it will make it harder to pug, I think that it would at least mean we’d know sooner if somebody is a screen-licker. I actually want CC to be used, and instances not to be all trash pulls that are executed in the same way.

    Wrath as = (4-6x AoE trash pulls; then Boss ) x3-4 bosses.

    Cata = (4-6 complex pulls; then boss) x3-4 bosses.

    Then we’ll have a harder time getting to the end, so they can make the end boss rewards ok. But then 6-8 months after the content will get nurfed down a bit (Nexus) so that more folks can complete it.

    I actually think CC will make instances easier and quick, but it will still be possible to brute force the content in a AoE/multi-wipe way. There is not much in 5 mans that cannot be defeated by brute force eventually.

    God I hope I’m in a good guild with regular players when/if this hits.

  4. Further on this – when CC is mandatory lets hope that aa class roles get a form of CC. If not we’ll have some classes as desired, and others as the ugly redheads that never get an invite. e.g. Magister’s Terrace.

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  6. I recall reading a post by a gamemaster describing how Cataclysm heroics are intended to work. In particular, the challenge in pulling large trash groups (rather than cc’ing) will come not from maintaining aggro but from incoming damage. If the statement from Blizzard is correct, I don’t expect it will be long before pulls can be made without cc.

    In Wrath content, I think that the two pulls after Ick in PoS are the ones where cc provides the most benefit. A pair of priest shackles makes the pulls trivial, assuming nobody breaks cc. But even on those pulls, it is often simpler and faster to set a kill order and have the tank use cooldowns liberally. Burning down one add immediately works as (or more) effectively than cc.

    Given the trend of making more content accessible to more people, I don’t expect the new heroics to require a great deal of skill from players. I would love to see creative instances in the mold of PoS and HoR, but I think that the unpopularity of the latter of those two will disincline Blizzard to do so.

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