Space combat makes TOR interesting

SW vs ST vs BorgI’ve been watching the Star Wars – The Old Republic news for a month or so, and in more detail recently as it appears the studio is really punching out the material and getting good feedback.

The most recent news was pretty exciting – that there will be space combat in SWTOR.

To what degree, what style, and for what types of purposes I have no idea, but having that as an aspect of the characters really rings true to the “lore” of the setting. The examples of a solo type character with their own ship are prolific: Anakin, Fet, Darth V, all the shuttles and ships in Episode 1-3, and not to mention the bucket of bolts herself; the Falcon.

Which makes me think that some of the cool aspects of other ship vs ship combat games might make an appearance, especially if we can be playing with mates in ships; where we’ll dog-fight as a squad. I’m picturing the Xwing vs Tie-Fighter game with splashes of that old MS game with ships, jump gates, and upgrades (what was that called?).

Darn interesting. I’m getting close to blackmailing and stalking a Bioware dev to get a Beta key.


At the guys from Tweeted, and then it was confirmed:


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