Stupid Spam is Fishtank (a.k.a. nonsensical spam)

The stuff that gets spammed in blog comments…is just insane. Try this for obscure content you just could not make up to be as nonsensical as it really is.

Hello im Robert was working on Nasa, i was controler of the plan to go to Mars.
i have created an tool that will be updated 24/7 automatic and there you will see what NASA found at Mars and what they hide from you and others there quite few pictures of Aliens and few more proofs of Aliens in Mars please give me a FeedBack if you like the tool! Thank you! here is download link to the tool


HELP! Iā€™m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia xyzrxyz

Now I’m all for the Russian mafia, they sometimes do some good in the community, and the spammer deserves what ever they give him. Break one of the spammers kneecaps, then take a shot of the good stuff on me.

But I can’t believe that Robert wasn’t part of the conspiracy. I mean come on Robert, you helped sent it there and you don’t think you were being influenced by the mind controlling aliens?

Clearly Robert can’t be trusted at all, even now he thinks he’s free. Besides, the aliens have told me about a great source for alternative therapy and discounted medical products…you know, for down there. So they must be cool, right?

Just silly. All the links and names have been changed or removed to protect the theoretically innocent. Except Robert, he’s got it coming. šŸ™‚