Dear Blizzard, re: HoR

Dear Blizzard,

I will not longer be pugging Halls of Reflection. Occulus was bad enough, HoR is just too painful to be worth running. The ever increasing levels of poor performance, strange group make-up, and overall crappy experiences over and over make that dungeon the last choice I’d ever make.

I’ll do Uldaman or Gnomeregan twice in Fire Festival gear before HoR with a random group again. It just sucks as you are far too dependent on so many factors that allow a poor run. Seriously.

Here is a feature suggestion:

Allow us to select 3 dungeons that we never wish to run again as 5 mans in the LFD tool.

It will do two things. Firstly show you which are hated the most, and secondly will mean that groups will not get pissed when “team” mates leave because they are god damn frustrated, tired, and lost all hope of a successful run.

Happy killing (everywhere except HoR).Halls of Reflection Load Screen

ps. I know this is about as unlikely as Blizzard sending me a large suitcase full of unmarked bills, or a Beta invite, but it has to be said so I can stay sane.

7 thoughts on “Dear Blizzard, re: HoR

  1. In Cataclysm you won’t be allowed to queue for a dungeon until you’ve discovered its entrance, so if there’s a dungeon with a horrible reputation, all you need to do is not discover it.

  2. I should have been more clear; I really like the favour of the dungeon, I just hate trying to do it with a pug. It is fine with good players who know what the hell they are doing.

    With bad players it is just a crappy waste of time.

  3. Ah… HoR… the good ol HoR… It’s where you’ll discover the best in people and the worst in them.

    The best includes:
    Players that interrupts.
    Players that CC.
    Players that innervate.
    Players that feign death.

    Reminds me of Magister Terrace’s day minus death grip.. oh death grips… what would we do without you….

    Anyways, hopefully you’ll get better group next time around.

  4. I’ve generally got to the point where I will only use the LFD if I have at least 1 other person that I know in the run.

    And to be honest I only bother to do a random if someone else in my guild asks for help. I’m so burnt out on the heroics.

  5. Totally get that. Perhaps lets bundle up all the huntards and other toons who are hitting 80 at the moment and grandfather them through the normal modes of the 3 new 5 mans. You can skip the blech ilevel 200 eoics that way, and get staight into 213s and 219s.

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