What has been happening?

Bear Tank Political posterA few nights ago I had the pleasure of playing Quendalon, in a tanking role in ICC with the guild. It was an average run through to the Blood Queen. We wiped a bit on the plague wing guys, and had some average trash pulls, but otherwise got 8/12 in one night which is OK. With a 30% buff that is not exactly wonderful, but it is also not exactly a poor waste of time either.

The team make-up was selected for the guys who could do the content and also may not be in the regular progression team. This was mainly because a few of the key raiders would not be around this week, so we took an opportunity to let others see the fights.

In other toons I’ve really noticed the burn out on the 5 mans. And I mean serious burn-out. From the rss feed and Armory app for Mortigen I can tell I’ve seen some places a lot; approx 400+ instances on heroic across the toons. It was in April 2009 when I got the Heroic Northrend Dungeon achievement for the first time, and 1500 emblems in Jan this year. Next is the 2500 achievement, and I’m at 2168 so far on one toon.

Quendalon has 500 emblems, and is 770 of 1000 into the next one. Rest of the other 3 characters would be lucky to have around 100, but that is still a very large amount of repeat runs in the same places. Consider that HoR still sucks, and I generally dump it when it is the random too.

Anyway; quick post, small update, and so much to do in life and wow that I have to keep moving.

Happy killing.