Public Forums using Real IDs

This is a very bad idea. I’m wearing a tin foil hat as I type, but this does have very far reaching implications.

I cannot see the value to players, and frankly cannot see why it would benefit the community either.

Maybe the younger generation are more open to this? But maybe those very same young people are not life-skilled enough to realise what the risks are.

This has massive potential for abuse and issues, and this is so bad that I think nothing short of hundreds of pages of posts will make any impact. So post now, and often. I think we need to deafen Blizzard with the bad feedback. It will hopefully be overturned by somebody with half a brain at Blizzard.

For those who said Real ID was a slippery slope; which was opening pandora’s box – you were right.

I don’t think we are at the end of that slope yet either.

Conspiracy Theory: They make a suggestion so stupid, that the community implodes; then they retract it. Next they make a smaller change, and can cite the earlier as an example of listening to teh client base and also making the 2nd action seem small by comparison.


4 thoughts on “Public Forums using Real IDs

  1. Thanks for the discussion reply on the blog. I see that you also have a post about it so I’ll post my comment here.

    There are degrees of ‘methods’ in regulating the forums and the game in general.

    For me personally I’ve had enough of the stupidity that it affect my enjoyment of the game. Thus I left. Up to this point I still believe that the cause of this uncontrollable stupid behavior is non-accountability. Anonymity is

    I had enough ‘anal’/gay jokes in trade chat/general chat. Believe me, I’m no moral police and I swear like a sailor in any construction job site that I go to. But the things I see in chat and forum is beyond me. I can’t believe the amount of jackasses you see in a sea of anonymous pixels.

    RealID looks like the start of this game asking for some accountability.

    It is implemented in the wrong place. I rarely visit/use the forum. And I doubt some of the in-game griefers will change their behavior when this is put in place. This might deter the helpfull posters in the forum. But it’s the idea of accountability for your actions that’s very promising to me.

    Maybe I’m asking a little too much from a video game?

  2. I think accountability is a good goal, but really can not see how this would affect the quality of the forums, and still keep them active.

    If Blizzard wanted to make the forums more useful they could start removing the posts which are vapid and useless. The EJ forums, major newspaper forums, and many other locations have successful readers and comments. In fact most major papers have more readers than the blizzard forums and do not have these problems.

    Accountability is not the driver for this change. I do not know the truth of what is, but accountability and quality forums are not the obvious outcome of this change.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. While I do like the ability to talk to my closest WoW playing friends cross server (esp with my current server straddling status) I am totally anti my real name appearing on forum posts. It’s a massive can of worms that creates problems rather than solving them. I do hope Blizzard will listen and have added my voice to the many who are against this move.

  4. Announced that they will not be using ReadID on the forums. But have said that they will continue with the overall changes and the social agenda.

    Consumer voice won the battle, but there is still a war.

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