Now these blue geared raiders are impressive

Greedy Goblin’s blue geared project kills 2 of the Ruby Sanctum mini-bosses. Damn that is impressive. Scary and impressive.

Greedy Goblin said,

…in the first week, without more than 1 kill experience for everyone, in the most unnerfed state of the most recent raid instance, Undergeared, the 3300GS blue-only guild killed 2 bosses from 4. And we had only half raid time, since we were 9-manning the first half. We lacked warrior or warlock for +HP (and stance-dance for the third boss).

The team changed the typical setup to use 2 tanks, 5 healers and 3 dps; as Baltharus the Warborn didn’t have an enrage timer, and could be out healed. To give some perspective these guys are wearing gear that would get you kicked from a 5 man heroic as being a total scub.

I love it. I’ll be thinking of this when we run back in after wiping.

Sometimes I dislike the tone of Greedy’s blog posts, but the content is great and he is certainly challenging the typical game experience. The typical expectations of what is achieveable in World of Warcraft has been broken many times by his projects, and killing those two mini-bosses in Ruby Sanctum with blue geared players is borderline insanity, as many very well geared and experienced players still could not do it. My guild included.

Happy wiping.