ICC update and finally Putricide

A quick toon update, with great news everyone… Mortigen finally got a Putricide kill, which completed the Plague-works achievement for him. As my best geared toon (especially in dps set), it was odd to have it done as an undergeared tank (5kgs). I have only respect and awe for the healers keeping me alive through all that, and for the way everyone finally got our roles right. We took a set of characters which were not perfectly geared or experienced, and still managed to kill him. While I think some folks might have been frustrated by that, I was darn pleased that it worked. Any of a few folks would have preferred different roles, but the team got it done.

Huzzah Insidious-Nagrand!

At the very end the fight felt very epic, with us running out of health, mana, B-res, and floor space. In the final seconds I was inching backwards into a corner of free floor space, trying to survive long enough to ping my tank cooldowns again. Every second counted.

The fight is interesting, in that the degree of randomisation in the placement of goo pools and thrown goo, really makes or breaks the fight. I am still unsure why we use a strategy that has the tank walk the boss between two points, rather than in an ellipse, which seems more logical to me. Keeping two paths were the tank can run the boss feel better.

The Abom/Tank can assist by trying to keep some walking paths through the muck clear, but sometimes there is literally nothing than can be done, as I saw on many attempts. It is a great mechanic and somewhat frustrating to see a goo-ball fly out and strike somebody, especially when that is where you’re walking backward towards. With Aussie lag, I’m never sure if the boss is moving when being kited or not till a little later than I’d like, and often folks are calling for a move after I’ve started to go, but before the boss has any idea.

Can a Tank turn side-on and angle-strafe move him, rather than backward walking? Seems that if he is still in the forward 180 degrees it should be ok.

We then tried to take on the Blood Princes, with me on the purple orbs. I don’t like tanking those Orbs. As a DK trying to tank these, it is a pain. A caster, in fact almost any range would be better, as the DK has only a limited number of range abilities, and I’m not sure that getting into melee is the best idea. That said, during the fight I was figuring on some changes to my UI and macros specifically for the challenges.

  • Get rid of the usual screen layout junk I have in my UI; where a lot of the screen has informational mods showing. This is so that I can see the orbs, as they all look the same, and have the same name, so are darn tricky to get to.
  • Create a macro for hurting my focus target with a specific spell, much like a Warlock can make a macro for chain-banishing mobs. This way the “tank” can run around and ping the orbs, but also spam damage on the boss when threat is needed.
  • Also pondering using speed-enchant boots or even Unholy presence to get faster movement. I was so close to getting to orbs at times, but it felt too slow. Is that crazy?

Anyway much fun had by me, and hopefully the rest of the team.