Weekly Hate: Pally who dont Buff

Quick one today, my new pet hate is Pallys who won’t buff, won’t respond to psts, and generally act like they bring nothing to the raid. Even when I play my undergeared pally – I frigg’n buff!

Case in point was the weekly raid this week: Sarth. I know its a cake walk, but not giving a shit about fellow players is just poor form. Thank you to the raiders who understood that not all Paladins who pug runs are selfish mongrels; just most of them.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Hate: Pally who dont Buff

  1. Tis a point in pain that a shaman can be hero-fail, priests who don’t buff get snarky comments, but for some reason a lot of pallys ignore requests; especially when there is more than one. Mind you I think the worst are the Ret types, where Tanks and Healers tend to be less selfish.

    Probably not surprising as far as gross generalisations go.

  2. Or not even most of us. I normally see fail-adins refusing to buff in the dungeons, or throwing out cheap kings. 10s and 25s, I normally handle buff assignments, and when I ask someone to buff, they’ve always done so (and even spent the symbol for greater blessing of ____)!

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