Whats news lately?

Well it has been a slow few weeks in blogging, until Blizzard started drip feeding information about the expansion to the community at which time everything exploded. Overall meh! I’m waiting to see what the cohesive picture is. Random information with no real detail has limited value.

In other news my alt-ism has taken off in a very solid way. As I thought, the prospect of playing one toon when getting into regular runs is difficult is a game-breaker, so much so that Ive pondered pugging those ICC runs. If I can get a group without having the LK-Dead achievement. Grr.

Mortigen my main is now just doing the daily when I play, the weekly sometimes, and otherwise odd runs. Basically this means I doubt I’ll see much more of the end-game content now, and kind of resigned to enjoying runs when they happen.

Keeping a light and fluffy attitude will help me not go insane and like the process of playing a well geared toon in 5 man runs. And so onto the alts update after the break.

Happy gaming.

Mortigen (DK-dps/tank 80) has:

Done HHoR quite a few times now as tank, so its not a total disaster.

HoS a stack, VH more than I care to think about, and UK and UP to death. Any yet no mount. What garbage, Id like that drake.

Quendalon (druid tank/boomkin 80) has:

Gone past insane putting up with the your GS sucks comments and general bad attitude from weekend players. I know my tank set is mid 4000s, but that is a shite-ton more than needed, so STFU.

Other gear is arriving every now and then, and with an OK tank set for heroic runs, and a boomkin set that is passable, Im content to potter along without stressing.

All I really need to do is get Leatherworking and First Aid to 450 and my expansion prep will be complete.

Diamon (pally tank/dps 80) has:

Tank set is coming along now, with 3x teir 9 items, and a few other good drops. Still well under geared for what I would like, but slow and steady is the way to make progress.

If I ever get a few Frost Emblems I dont know what Ill buy. Maybe a trinket, or maybe a cloak.

The Retribution set is terrible though, and needs solid work. All I have is a good ilevel 232 two hander from Pit of Sauron, and the rest is blue crud gear.

After tanking Ill nab dps items, and after that healing items.

Arkham (warlock 73)

Still basically parked, but if I have time now and then Ill do the daily quest. Would be nice to see 8 before the expansion, but not overly fussed.

Yeirah (priest shadow 80):

Still parked as a Herbalism and Alchemy mule, and that wont change unless the expansion make Shadow so sexy that I drop the other toons.

Hold your breath for that, I dare you.

Ironaegis (dps Warrior 43), Erosion (hunter 41), Aurac (Mage 40):

Nice damage sets on all of them, mainly due to heirloom gear, and as lowbie alts Im going to grind out over the next year. No rush, no fuss.