Tanking as Blood mandatory in expansion

There will be blood.

Looks like the writing is on the wall for Death Knights who are not using a Blood spec to tank. Blood will be the Tank tree in Cataclysm expansion.

In Cataclysm, death knights will have a dedicated tanking tree, much like the other three tank classes. That tree will be Blood.

This is something that I did not think theyโ€™d do, but is easy to understand why. The differences between the tank classes were enough that giving them a semblance of parity was hard; and having DKs witk 3 talent trees just makes that harder still.

In Cataclysm, Blood will be the death knight version of a Protection tree. It will have passive talent tree bonuses that reflect tanking. It will have tools, such as a Demo Shout equivalent, necessary for tanking. Several of the more fun tanking talents from Frost and Unholy will be moved into Blood. We will be able to revise (or even remove) clunky mechanics like Rune Strike and focus on letting DKs generate threat with their normal Blood tanking rotation.

Which is why I can accept that something had to be done – but sheesh, it is a big call. Huge call, I expect to see some Death Knights who step away from the class due to this. Could be worth getting as much value from your non-blood tanking now. ๐Ÿ™‚

So DKs will probably have a tank, pve, and pvp tree. I can see Unholy being the PvE and Frost as the PvP talent trees.

This is a tad too much of a change from the cool almost-any-tree which they have now; but then it would not be the first time a class has been totally re-worked during an expansion.

Does make me think that with Frost talents having dual wield, will we also see dual-wield as only viable in one spec, or will it be retained as a concept for both Tank and DPS, or even pvp and pve?

We’re just not sure yet on DW Blood tanking or 2H Frost dps. Certainly our main focus will be to make sure 2H Blood tanking and DW Frost dps work, but we’re not likely to crack down on alternate uses of those specs. We’re not sure that a Blood DW style could work without talents that allow for strikes with both weapons, but we’ll see. It should be a fun beta. ๐Ÿ™‚

Like most posts this raises more questions for me than answers; and I can’t wait to see more. Can I get a beta key maybe? probably not, but one can wish.

  • Where will two weapon be used? I have 2x one hander ilevel 232 tank weapons that I’d like to take for a spin.
  • What happens to Frost presence as the Tanking presence?
  • Couldn’t the mastery bonus be based upon the presence that the DK uses, rather than the talent tree if they wished to keep 3 viable Tank trees?

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6 thoughts on “Tanking as Blood mandatory in expansion

  1. Wishing also that we could get a full list of changes, a holistic view of the new game – rather than piecemeal chunks that make it irritating to see the larger picture.

  2. Talent Mastery basically meant that one DK tree had to become the tanking tree. Blood being the tanking tree of choice currently makes sense.
    I imagine talent mastery in the Blood Tree will basically replace the current frost presence.

    But I totally agree re: the piecemeal feeding of info. It only causes angst in the community

  3. QQ!!!!!

    My DK is/was blood DPS. I just don’t like how the other trees work. Never did.

    But I guess this is a blessing in disguise. I have been thinking about going tank with him, so it looks like I have no other option. So I guess tonight I will be spending time crafting out gear to get him tank specced, and start practicing how a DK tank works.

    Since I don’t have a tank amongst my toons, maybe I will turn out to be good at it?

  4. You’ve also got a long time to practice, as I can’t see the Cataclysm gave arriving until at least August and probably later given the experience from previous expansions.

  5. Of course the cataclysm talent changes will likely go live some time before launch as has been the case with the last two xpacs.

    I didn’t really get much out of bloodspec as it’s a bit too much like a warrior (my main).
    For me Frost and Unholy had much more to offer as far as a different experience went.

  6. Like Rakarth said it’s hard for them to provide a ton of information at one time, as pretty much anything could change, be improved upon, or removed on a moments notice. Anyone remember Heroic Leap?

    Making a dedicated Tank spec for Deathknights makes sense I guess, but it was kind of fun having a class that was a little but more open and less sandboxed.

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