Insane alt-a-holic rules

There are some things I’ve been doing with Alts that will drive me insane eventually.

Having one DK character active was a tad dull, so I added a Priest as another. Then I found that my second choice of toon was interesting for a short time, but not fun overall, so I added a Druid instead. Then decided to add a lowbie alt Hunter to be silly on; and then was impressed by a Tank I saw and added my old Pally.

But having seen a DK, Druid, and Pally tank, I felt like I was missing out on having a Warrior, so pondering starting a Warrior. But my Shaman also has ok gear as heirlooms, and the Mage will get some play soon.

So Death Knight, + Priest, + Druid, +Paladin, + Hunter, + Warlock, + pondering a Warrior or Shaman, + Mage afterward…

Yes, I’m an Alt-a-holic again. So now I need a rule set for what to play.

  1. Is a friend on who wants a run, or needs a run that I can join, or benefit from? If so, do that regardless of the other rules.
  2. Can I get any toon into Weekly raid spot, or a VoA run?
    1. Order of pref: Death Knight, Druid, and Priest
  3. Daily for the regular rewards of Frost & Triumph emblems, or XP for the lower toons
    1. Prefers for Death Knight, Druid, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock, and then Priest
  4. If close to getting an upgrade via Triumph emblems for a toon, then run more of whatever will get those.
    1. Only applies to Druid now, but sooner or later the Paladin too.
    2. Ignore the Priest gearing in regular 5 mans, as its a toon I’ll play when all else fails, or for silly value.
    3. Still some nice heirloom gear to be had for Alts, so StoneKeeper shards and emblems are not totally useless.
  5. Do daily quests for gold and rep.
    1. Ice-crown / Tournament for Druid
    2. Seal-men for Death Knight rep to exalted
    3. Fishing / Cooking for Priest
  6. Transmutes and profession gold generation
  7. AH farming and re-selling

Most times I don’t get into a Weekly or VoA, and often don’t get to do more than a run on my Death Knight, Druid, and Paladin. And honestly that is enough.

The Tankadin Unleashed Redux

Paladin time – now at 75, and really enjoying tanking, no idea how to dps properly. I joined a run last night as Ret, and not sure if I was good or bad, 2nd overall on damage, but all three of the dps were within spitting distance of each other.

Also have my Northrend Cold Weather Flying on my Paladin, and I want a cool mount for him. What is a suitable replacement for a Paladin? I can keep using the red gryphon which I think is very RP but a Hippogryph would rock!

Thank god there are craftable tank items in this game, as every damn dps rolls on my Tank gear when they are not tanking. I want to hurt them.

All your forms belong to us

My 80 Druid now has a reasonable tanking set for 5 mans, and an up and coming boomkin set. Nothing that a serious raider would want, but enough to not suck.  There are so manty folks with druid alts I think Druid is the new black.

1 thought on “Insane alt-a-holic rules

  1. I sometimes would purposely que as DPS to get an extra 15-20 minutes to complete daily quests or leveling up trade skills.
    Atm, I’m going through Northrend again with my Druid (purposely trying to do different zones than the DK) I purposely que as DPS all the time to get that 20-30 minutes chunk of time to do quests.

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