Single Abstract Noun

A noob hunter in SAN gets a level

A noob hunter in SAN gets a level

Joined the folks in Single Abstract Noun, on the US version, and by golly they are a chatty and fun group of folks. Both the EU and US variants are present on Argent Dawn, Horde for the EU folks, and Alliance for the US guys.

If you are a blogger, or want to play with no strict requirements, or want to talk to bloggers, then come join. My little toon (named Corrian, a level 6 Hunter) is for comic value, and I’ll keep dropping in from time to time.

A huge number of bloggers have already signed-up.

Info for EU players, US players, and groovy google search for a stack of activity.

Happy hunting and feasting.

Insane alt-a-holic rules

There are some things I’ve been doing with Alts that will drive me insane eventually.

Having one DK character active was a tad dull, so I added a Priest as another. Then I found that my second choice of toon was interesting for a short time, but not fun overall, so I added a Druid instead. Then decided to add a lowbie alt Hunter to be silly on; and then was impressed by a Tank I saw and added my old Pally.

But having seen a DK, Druid, and Pally tank, I felt like I was missing out on having a Warrior, so pondering starting a Warrior. But my Shaman also has ok gear as heirlooms, and the Mage will get some play soon.

So Death Knight, + Priest, + Druid, +Paladin, + Hunter, + Warlock, + pondering a Warrior or Shaman, + Mage afterward…

Yes, I’m an Alt-a-holic again. So now I need a rule set for what to play. Continue reading