Best use of Frost Emblems for casual players?

Emblem of Frost iconIf you are a casual, or leveling and gearing alts – then you’re probably not going to have 400 Emblems of Frost to purchase 264+ ilevel items for all gear locations. Instead you’ll probably run the heroic daily, get 30-60 badges, and look at what is your best purchase.

It begs the question of what is the best use of Frost Emblems for casual players?

My list in order of priority would be:

  1. One Trinket. Without question. These are often the most difficult to get, and will last you the longest. I’d say that get your first trinket, and then maybe another slot, rather than buying two trinkets. However if you are a dual-role class, maybe get a trinket for each spec if you’ll use them.
  2. Belts & Cloaks. They are cheaper than the rest, and often harder slots to upgrade than the Feet, Hand, Chest, Shoulders, and Head.
  3. Then your Class Tier gear.

Happy killing.

5 thoughts on “Best use of Frost Emblems for casual players?

  1. Or buy Primordial Saronite to build up a gold stockpile for when Cataclysm comes around, then you can buy your way into the cutting edge.

  2. I think it depends how good your class tier gear is, especially if you luck out on a VOA and get 1 piece, you might first invest in the 2nd piece (the cheap ones, like shoulders) to get the 2pc bonus.

  3. I’m pretty sure that the Frost gear will be more valuable now and during the leveling time, than having the cash to buy one or two entry level purple items at level 85.

    I was aiming for gear where you will not easily get a replacement item, and that will be useful for longer.

    By way of example I grabbed the Tank trinket for my Druid, and it added a health 2k+ health. That is a solid item.

    Some trinkets are not actually all that useful, like the melee dps ones, that are ok but not fantastic. For those toons I think the Cloaks and Belts are better.

  4. I think this is great. I have also added, I think that having both ways set up can only help!

  5. Further on this, if you have no need for Frost emblem items, but could use a few heirlooms, then your bets bet is to buy them before the are converted to Justice Points.

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