wants Monks too

I want Monks in the game, as I’ve said before. And now backs me up.

Expect a long rant about this soon, and yes I know I have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting this anytime soon.

A melee healer and dps is not game breaking. It will mean a new set of dps gear needed, something like cloth with agility on it, much like the rogue and cat gear now.

For healing maybe they’d need to me mana users, but with all the new stat changes being talked about an int and spirit based healer cloth gear is not a stretch at all.

C’mon Blizzard – Monk us.

9 thoughts on “ wants Monks too

  1. No… What we want are Vampires! Yes those famous toothy bloodsucking garlic hating stay-up allnighter goths with english accents. These would be ideal Horde counterparts to the Worgen.

    These would be powerful range based healers & dps who cannot use bandages but must syphon health from enemy or team mates to heal. The dps amongst them would specialise in shadow damage and have great Mind Control & other CC spells as standard.

    If you wanted a melee class, then a Paladin type might be a possibility but any healing would result in loss of health to the vamp.

    Oh, and still have hammed-up up shakesperian english accents.

  2. The Blood Elves are perfect race for Vampires too, already snobby, they just need a widow’s peak, fangs, and a silky black cape. 🙂

    Some even have the accent you’re after too.

  3. And if you simplify all the classes as such: Warlock and Shadow Priest is just another type of Mage. Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights are all the same? Druids and Rogues tend to be similar, etc. Even Shaman are a repeat of the modes we have:

    Melee dps, range dps, tank, healer. That is not going to change. The flavour of the game is what I’m talking about.

  4. Ahh, sorry from me too – I wasn’t offended at all. That night had a guy spend 15 minutes in Vent telling me why they should not add classes but remove some (remove Warlocks, make shadow a Mage talent tree?); and I think my writing might have reflected that.

    I’m more than keen for feedback, especially when its good – keep it coming!

  5. I’d like to see Rangers, with an agility and combo point-based healing system. Then they could heal in rogue leathers. I’m sure that there are horrible logistical issues with this approach that I’m not thinking of, but it would be nice if they could move away from the “healers have mana” mindset.

    Oh, wait, another idea! Monks with Rage-based healing. Oh, my.

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