How to choose gear upgrades?

Like many players, I’m always hunting for ways to play warcraft smarter, rather than just more often. A decreased amount of free time means that doing the right runs, to get the right gear is a priority. And as I’m gearing many toons at once I thought I’d share a little wowhead-fu, on how I decide where to run.

WoWHead has a ton of stuff that is exposed in the filters for gear, and when combined with Stat Weightings, this is easy mode for finding what instances to concentrate on, and where to spend your Emblems of Whatever.

Try this search as an example of Paladin Tank gear:;minle=213;ub=2;cr=105:106:118:118:118;crs=-2323:-2323:47241:45624:40753;crv=0:0:0:0:0;ma=1;gb=1;gm=3;wt=22:21:117:45:42:46:20:41:44:43;wtv=100:60:59:55:45:30:16:8:7:6

What does this little link do:

  • Shows all gear purchasable with Emblems of Triumph or below,
  • And also from any 5 man instance,
  • Which is ilevel 213 or greater,
  • Sorted by gear location,
  • Which a Paladin can use,
  • Sorted in priority of what a Protection (tank) spec paladin might be after.

Note: I’ve excluded the Frost Emblems, as they are slow to get unless you’re a regular raider, and I’m aiming for fast upgrades I can use as Emblems of Frost are gathered over time.

Now that I have a baseline search, there are tweaks to change that after the break; bit also consider these as shortcuts to gear:

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