WoW Patch 3.3.3 is good

Looks like the details of patch 3.3.3 have been published, and there is a stack of changes that are interesting. Go read the source, and here are my highlights…

World of Warcraft, Patch 3.3.3 – I’m calling the patch, “Revenge of the PuGs”, but also could be “Revenge on the Puggers”.

  1. Battlegrounds get their own LFG tool, which will make farming honor for folks like me who don’t care much easier.
  2. Many instance dialogues will be further sped-up (Culling of Stratholme I’m looking at you). Friggin-yay!
  3. Death Knight changes:
    1. Icy touch will cause more threat in Frost presence!
    2. Chains of Ice applies frost fever!
    3. Abom’s might is a passive increase now.
    4. Will of the Necropolis has no internal cool down any more. Holy-awesome for Blood tanks.
    5. Unbreakable Armour buff Strength from 10% to 20%. Cool.
    6. Unholy Blight now stops diseases from being dispelled. Um, ok. Nice change but was this a problem in pvp?
  4. Druids
    1. Typhoon mana cost reduced from 32% to 25%. I love Tyhoon even in pve, as even my shitty boomkin gear can pull aggro if I’m being silly.
    2. StarFall damage increased. Cool, I’ll have to use it and see. Never really use it at the moment.
  5. Frozen Orbs can now buy all sorts of stuff, which is why all the guys in pugs are rolling need.
  6. No cool down on TitanSteel, nice for gearing alts.
  7. AH changes to the default interface (watch those add-ons break) which will be interesting to see.
  8. LFG Random tool
    1. The debuff increased to 30 mins (harsh but I like it).
    2. Vote to kick now has to give a reason. Lets hope that is not free text. 🙂
    3. Note here that the number of times you kick, are kicked, and all sorts of other stuff is tracked.
  9. Sorting on Quest interface. Nice, looking forward to that.