Finally Raided ICC

Icecrown citadelIts been a while, but I finally have been able to see some of the 10 man raid content in ICC. Here are my initial impressions; the short version is that I am impressed.

General observations

It is far better than the new 5 mans offered in ICC. Story is great, tactics are far better, and group composition is flexible.

It makes sense that ICC would be full of guardians, servants, and gates to be unlocked, and also is excellent that these bosses are different in appearance from what we have had elsewhere. Lord Morrowgar for example looks fantastic as a boss model, his trash is appropriately difficult, and you need a team to be on their game to get to the fight.

What I can’t speak to as yet is the difficulty the bosses as I’ve only seen some of the them once or twice. From a melee dps perspective all fights required me to pay attention, but did not need sadistic levels of multi-tasking. You’re doing 3-4 things at a time on average, and that is not unreasonable to expect given this is the last dungeon crawl in the game.

Tanks too have a bit to watch, but not much more than any other instance. Basically the Tanking requirements are unchanged, although the gear needed and numbers are tweaked.

I really felt for our healers in Morrowgar and Saurfang, mainly due to the spread healing, and thought the tactic for range dps on Saurfang was good, but in one run our raid lacked the players with range dps characters to kill the ads (meaning we were melee dps heavy, not that the range were not doing a good job).

DeathWhisper (or as I call her the talking machine) is a great fight. Waves of adds, dps her bubble, and kill priorities with random stuff to adapt to.

Well done Blizzard story and devs, I really like ICC. Can’t wait to see the later bosses like the Blood Princes, and I can forgive the “poo” jokes around the two fleshy bosses.


4 thoughts on “Finally Raided ICC

  1. Sounds like lots of fun!
    I dinged lvl 79 last night and I ‘m looking forward to joining the rest of our Guild (Boogie Knights on EU server Kil Turas) in the end content raids.
    I have noticed with WOTLK the bosses are more inventive than previous areas and are worth the hard work to reach them. My favourite dungeon at the moment is still The Violet Hold with the random boss.

  2. I lose the plot every time Fester farts – the first time I heard it, I had to ask if anyone else heard it, and as they had their sound turned down and I was crying with laughter, they promptly turned their sound up. Needless to say, there was more than a hint of a laugh in the Raid Leader’s voice as he told us to move in.

    You know me and potty humour – gotta love it! 😛

  3. Fester is just nuts, and the voice for Professor being from Futurama is distracting too.

    Mind you I think its ok and I’m glad they put this silly stuff in. Far better to be like this than some of the horrid nancy-boy voice acting in some other parts…

    eg. Voice of the 2nd boss in CoS is complete shite, a large dragonic biped who sounds like a 12th century bard. Wrong!

  4. Farting Fester? Sounds great!
    I am hoping to have a go at Fester this weekend with our Guild, now that I am averaging 2-3 randoms a day and 2 raids a week. My gear is now changing from “Ooh look at that lovely Blue” to “OMG! I have a PURPLE HELMET!” – which still raises a few grins from Mrs Shaggyd…

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