Patch 3.3.2 Speed-ups and Rings

The WoW 3.3.2 patch that many have been waiting for has arrived, and there are a good range of new things for us to ponder. Go read if you’re keen, else absorb my somewhat brief rant here. We can kill Arthas now.

Firstly we have a new Ashen Verdict Ring, designed for Strength DPS classes (like my Death Knight). I have to ask what the hell anyone needs Hit Rating for on 251 level gear as dps? But then I remember that dual-wield plate dps like Hit Rating, and two hander dps probably don’t need it as much. Doubly bad for me as a Draeni, and I am already about 3% over the cap without this ring.

So while the ring is ok, the Rep: Friendly version is not world changing. And as you can change the choice for 200 gp, I took the Tanking ring for now, as I needed the upgrade there more. Later I’ll consider a switch if the higher Rep items are better, and I snaffle a good Tank ring elsewhere.

Secondly there have been a number of adjustments to the speed of regular dungeons. A lot f places got adjusted, so that random dungeon runs should be quicker, as the NPCs move faster. Violet Hold, Culling of Stratholme, and Halls of Lightning to name a few.

By way of example the Violet Hold portals now spawn a lot faster, they were not kidding! My irregular morning run to get 2x Frost emblems was a tank ‘n’ run rather than tank ‘n’ spank. Seriously huge increase in the speed between portals, and I think its a good change, but I pity teams who are struggling, as your Tank will miss many initial pick-ups unless they really keep active. As tank I was sometimes pulling away from the last mobs to get back to a good position for the next set. It is a good change for VH, where the fights are a tad static sometimes.

I can feel the fun times coming. I like this patch.