Question: Dungeon finder has favourites?

Tried three times solo joining for a “random” dungeon this morning, and every time I was given HoR; which for me as a tank in my gear is a total waste of energy. I’m badly geared for it, and groups seem to wipe far too often for something not to be suss.So this morning the finder was playing favourites, and while I understand that you take a random and you get places where you are needed, but sheesh!

Consider too that I am certainly not the only person ranting about this.

So I have to ask, is the finder incorrect in putting that class/gear mix together?

Am I missing something very significant about the strategy for HoR?

What do we know about the gear level priority for groupings?

My approach is to HoR is to stack up in a corner, and kill the Priests and Mages first, and the Hunter last. Open to suggestions, please, anything would help!

My fourth LFG random attempt was with a mate, and we got HoL, and finished it with no issues. Go figure.


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  1. One suggestion…

    Kill Mercenaries before Mages. Mercenaries stack poisons, and Mages double their DPS when they split around half their life… which means you’re making the healer’s life much harder if you kill the mages first.

    Or at least, that’s been *my* experience. I announce and use this kill order at the beginning of HoR runs…

    Priest -> Mercenary -> Mage -> Hunter -> Footman.

  2. I’ve been complaining about this too. My randoms tend to be HOR, Oculus, and HOS in nearly equal proportions. I’ve started specifically seeking out guildies’ ungeared alts to run with just to get some variety. AN?! Nexus?! Hallelujah!

  3. Are you talking heroic or regular?

    For me, as a warrior tank, you really can use the help of CC for the far ranged types and the kill order is priests (when the get there), rogues, mages or or hunters (because of freezing shot) and then the footmen.

    Having someone CC–shackle undead is wonderful, traps are nice, even pally fear can work–makes waves 4, 5, 9 and 10 much easier.

    I just hate the first sets of waves because the farm mobs can be so hard to see.

    If you are talking about regular HoR, your gear is probably fine.

  4. If you stack in a corner, your whole party is subject to high aoe damage from the mobs. I used this strategy too at first, but when I thought about it, it doesn’t make sense to stack the whole party in one place and by that everyone taking the aoe damage, plus the healer will suffer lots of pushbacks and not being able to heal. what I do instead it’s fighting them in the hallway, killing the footman and mercenaries first. Death grip the mage or the hunter, but i prefer the mage while he/she starts casting Flamestrike (aoe). I also call for some cc in the party (shackle, turn evil, repentance etc.). It’s much easier for me to tank them in the hallway.

  5. I prefer the hallway too. I also kill the merc (rogue) and priest first. I still have trouble with the heroic version though, depending on the skill of the party.

  6. (Retpal here) I always make sure I CC one of the ranged folks. I don’t care if it’s the hunter or the mage. (usually I don’t have a choice, one or the other is too close)

    Repentance is a “blessing” 😉 and so is any other CC you can do. Just make sure nobody breaks it.

    One other thing to watch durng the boss fight is the one AoE that he casts (some kind of well, sorry I can’t remember)

    Overall, the times I’ve run it, most have been stacked in that small alcove… *shrug*

  7. The big deal is tagging it and backing back up into the corner to pull it.

    Some easy strategies: Blow horn of winter when the mobs spawn and stay in the corner. It sucks because you can’t see anything, but you almost always get all the mobs running straight into (aoe of your choice)

    Use your ghoul to aggro a mob and then have it leap to the healer (whom is in the corner) with a /cast [@healer] leap macro

    Kill the rogues 2nd, as per above.

    Tell your dps to WAIT.

    I’ll say that again

    Tell your dps to WAIT.

    If you’re geared for HoR, then the dps will be just fine to wait 5-10 REAL seconds for dps. Bind a skull icon to one of your keys (I use shift z) and tell them to attack skull once it appears. Then put skull up when you’re comfortable that you have a lead on most mobs. This opens you up to AOE and fast mob deaths.

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