Suss WoW account emails

I drew the lucky card a few days ago by receiving an account hack email from a darn fool saying my account details had changed. Happily I enacted the “that looks friggin suss” protocol build from years of geeking it up on the internet, which told me to close my browser, open a new window, disable java-ish things, and login to my wow account to check.

I knew it was not really possible, as my authenticator is present, the password is highly complex, and WoW might send these emails but nothing has changed in my setup recently at all. Be warned, pretty much everyone might get these, and its all totally suss.

Don’t click a link in an email; ever. Get out of the habit now and you’ll be happier in the long run.

It is basically a verbatim version that is sent by Blizzard, but with changed URLs. Clever no, but probably effective. And I hope the scammers get their legs broken.