LFG Penalty Points – 24 lockout

A great idea via the WoW.com forums for rating your fellow players in LFG:

“Blizzard needs to figure out a way to stop rewarding the lazy and inconsiderate, that’s all. I actually started a WoW forum thread a while back, suggesting an “unprepared for role” vote, where you could lock someone out of running Heroics in a particular role for 24 hours. – Sleutel

Oh yes! Damn thats a good idea. Somebody gets too many “you’re a friggin deadhead votes” and they get locked out for a day or so. Make the amount of votes an algorithm rather than just a flat number, and it will be golden.

The algorithm:

  • You only get to assign points by using the Dungeon Finder tool.
  • First point counts always, and next votes from the same party add another point. Max 2 pts.
  • When you get kicked from a group you get an auto-vote. Max 1 pt.
  • If you leave a group before the first boss kill you do not get points automatically. This is so that players can use the initial trash as a measure of performance.
  • If you leave group after the first boss kill you an additional point. Max 1 pt.
  • Each new group you join after the 15 minute timer can gift each other with votes, so repeat asshats will get a quick succession of votes (in sets of two or three probably).
  • When you reach 4, 6, and 8 points your queue time becomes longer.
  • When you reach 10 points you are locked out for 24 hours. Maybe 12 is better, but 10 will send a clear message.
  • Points decay over time, perhaps you drop 1 point every 2 hours.
  • Completing an instance successfully where there have been no successful votes to kick by you or another player remove x2 points from all participants. If there was a vote to kick, but you then finished you can remove 1 point instead.
  • Maybe (??) players who are repeatedly locked out for 24 hours all the time will get their queue times increased for weeks rather than just a lockout.
  • Points are acquired by the PLAYER not the character. So you can’t be a dickhead on your alts, then act normally on your main.

Thus good players get rewarded, and also get to counter the affect of possible abuse of the system.

Bad players suffer. The definition of a bad player is made by the community.


10 thoughts on “LFG Penalty Points – 24 lockout

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  2. Hopefully something like this never makes it into any GAME ever.
    Kids play the game too.
    Comments like these start you on the slippery slope to being one of the elitest jerks you posted about earlier IMO.

  3. I think I’m already on that slope. As are many of the guys we play with. Hypocrisy is something that I see in myself, and in others now and then too, and that is not such a mad thing.

    What I want is a way to minimise the contact with players that I don’t want to play with again, and so far the LFG’s only real disadvantage is that we don’t have as much control on the group members as we did with chat and manual invites. Even with that small issue I think it is fantastic.

    Seems to me that as Blizzard has created a back end matching system, then it must already be using a matching algorithm of some sort (role, class, gear, experience mash-up), and therefore adding a form of ranked preferences from possible pug members is possible.

  4. @popcorngavin – I understand your point, and I’m not an elitist, but the insane amount of lazy, rude, clueless (and refusers of advice/tips/help), and arrogant/elitist (for no reason – how does someone in average ilevel 245 gear think they are so super elite compared to someone in 219 ilevel gear? imo it just demonstrates that they have less of a life than a more casual player who may not get the chance/have the inclination to raid current content, and abusing players who are pulling a ‘paltry’ 2800 dps in a 5 man – a 5 man! is NEVER ok)

    Now I’m as aware as the next player that gearscore is only an indication of potential contribution, and my main spec is pretty well geared, but I’ve seen some ridiculous shit pulled in pugs over the last few weeks. How does the tank think it’s ok to go afk because he has a phone call in a 5 man?! Then go afk to answer the door to a salesman? Then the healer goes afk because the tank did?

    OR players who, after a wipe in PoS, and who are dead right under the feet of the boss, expect the healer to resurrect them?

    I myself don’t particularly care if ‘kids’ play the game – social rules apply, and as a parent, if my child played wow and behaved the way these ‘kids’ did she would be banned from the game by me! As she doesn’t, and I happen to believe that kids under 13 shouldn’t be online gaming in the first place (personal opinion and safety reasons), I don’t have to worry about it. You can pick the kids by the way they intentionally bait someone when you are group leader and ask them to play properly.

    Case in point: Genowen to Hunter pulling trash while pally tank is drinking ‘Please don’t pull trash while the tank is not ready’. Retarded hunter response? ‘I was trying to hurry things up, this is boring – jeez’. Response? vote kick.

    I’d like that vote kick to count for something too, so they don’t go directly into another run and do the exact same thing. Kids need to learn the social rules, and I see this idea as a good way to make them realise bad behaviour doesn’t pay off. It doesn’t in real life, why should it in-game?

    Anyhoo, my two cents worth đŸ™‚

  5. If your friends/ignore list could include players from other realms then that could be used as a tool to adjust the grouping.
    Ignore: You won’t be added to groups with this person. The only person this affects would be you. If you are joining as a group the ignore lists won’t be used.

    Friends: Only works where there is a mutual friends relationship. Grouping with friends across servers will be preferenced. Again when joining as a group the friends list won’t be used.

    Personally I don’t think it’s necessary.
    You get teamed up with far more good pugs than bad overall.

  6. I’m pretty sure the Blizz ignore list does affect whether you are matched with people in the LFD tool. AIUI, if you have added someone from another realm to your ignore list during/after a run, you will not be grouped with them again. This breaks if you have, like I do, any add-ons to extend your ignore list. So, you didn’t like someone’s attitude? Add ’em to ignore.

  7. Personally I’d be happy if instance droppers got and extra 15 minute debuff per “I don’t want to run this instance” drop.

    I did CoS the other night.

    Tank AFK at the start. He gets back and apologised saying his pizza arrived. Then asks if everyone has their drake… “good, no rush”.

    5 mins between pulls is a bit extreme!

    I then ended with other 3 tanks… Not one of the 4, not even the designated tank kept aggro off me.

    My heals stopped when I dropped. We had just made it to the building, just, 27 minutes after the timer began (according to my buff).

    I dropped group… I didn’t sign up for a how slow can we go times instance.

    It’s ok to eat dinner when you are running with 4 accepting mates – but to string out strangers!

  8. Not sure about that, as I have two regular occurrences which make me leave group.

    First is when I draw HoR because my gear just can’t tank that place with random pug guys. Even with solid mates who know exactly what they are doing the HoR is a tough heroic; and I’d rater not waste the group’s time wiping than stay.

    Second is when I join a group where somebody is playing like an arse, and the vote to kick won’t work. A few days ago I say a Mage initiate almost every pull because he was bored and we were going too slow. Didn’t matter to him that we were often waiting for several of the team to catch up and mana was low; this idiot was pulling. I don’t know why the rest of the group did not agree with the kick, so before we got too far in, I left.

    Instances should be at a pace that is respectful of all players, not the pace of the fastest person. Certainly should not be minutes between fights either, and that group sounds dreadful. I figure a 15 minute debuff is a way to get a drink and do a daily quest, then I’ll join again.

    Making that 30 minutes will make me stay a bit longer, but not really change the attitude of the guys who frustrate. Maybe if people quit every instance they join the debuff will stack? 15m, 15m, then 30m, 30, then 1 hour?

  9. A tool which removes all effort from creating a group results in random quality players, as expected and possibly as intended.

    Although I tank on two characters and have no more than a 5 second wait to enter a random heroic, I prefer to fill the healer position and at least one DPS position before I use the LFG group.

    I do this because I dropped out of only one of about 400 groups I assembled while I dropped out of maybe 20-25% of the random groups I entered. Players who actively seek to organize or join pre-formed groups are more considerate of their fellow gamers in my experience.

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