LFG Karma Points

Continuing on from the idea of penalty points in the LFG system, it would be great to see positive points too.

Algorithm might be:

  • After completing a run if you like somebody, so you mark them with a positive point. 1 point max for each run, which is applied to the player, not the character.
  • Max might be 5 points.
  • If you ever downrank, kick, or somesuch a person your rating for that person automatically becomes zero.
  • Over time you’ll see a weighting toward those people in the LFG, as the system looks across your preferred list before the general list.
  • Players in your guild might automatically be considered to have 1 point from you. I mean they are guildmates after all.
  • There would be no differentiation between players from the same or  a different server.

So overall I’m asking for Karma Points in LFG.

2 thoughts on “LFG Karma Points

  1. Not a bad idea. There are some addons that mimic or vary this theme (one of which I just wrote about) but I’d love to see Blizzard implement it.

    However, they’d have to really be careful about any implementation of either positive or negative rating points, as if a system could be gamed or griefed then it would present a obstacle rather than an enhancement to gameplay. I for one wouldn’t like to be downrated simply because a new player didn’t like the advice I offered on how to better control his treat while I’m tanking mobs.

    I think the rather subjective quality of player-to-player reputation (that is basically what we’re talking about) is what makes Blizz wary of implementing this sort of system.

  2. Heya Cayleb – you’re right its would be open to abuse if not done correctly.

    If the idea of negative points were removed and the friends list plus the folks you have rated up were seen as preferred, then that would remove the negative spin.

    ie. no harm in matching people who have neutral ratings, and also no harm and I’d argue its better to match folks who have rated each other positively.

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